We have been avid users of CircleCI and truly appreciate the robust continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) capabilities your platform offers. It has significantly improved our development workflows.
We are writing to request an enhancement to CircleCI's GitHub integration, specifically related to handling events when a pull request is merged into the main branch or when a branch is deleted. Currently, CircleCI does not provide native support for these critical events, and we believe that adding this functionality would greatly benefit the developer community.
Feature Request Overview:
We kindly request that CircleCI consider implementing the following features:
PR Merge Event Trigger: Allow CircleCI to automatically trigger workflows when a pull request is successfully merged into the main branch. This would enable us to perform additional automated tasks, such as deployment, testing, or notifications, upon successful merges.
Branch Deletion Event Trigger: Enable CircleCI to react to branch deletion events. When a branch is deleted, CircleCI should be able to execute predefined workflows, helping us manage post-branch cleanup, environment deprovisioning, or other necessary actions.
Why This Feature Matters:
Implementing these features would have several benefits:
Automation: It would enhance automation capabilities, reducing the manual intervention required to manage post-merge and post-branch deletion processes.
Efficiency: Teams could automate the execution of tasks that were previously done manually, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of human error.
Flexibility: Users would have the flexibility to define custom workflows triggered by these events, tailoring CircleCI to their specific needs.
Complete CI/CD Workflow: These features would make CircleCI an even more comprehensive CI/CD solution, aligning with modern development practices.
Use Cases:
PR Merges: Trigger deployments or additional testing when a pull request is merged to ensure code quality and accelerate the delivery process.
Branch Deletion: Automate the removal of associated resources, such as staging environments or temporary branches, when they are no longer needed.