Currently, CircleCI has the ability to build an app on the creation of a PR from a GitHub, and, as part of the build, can be directed to execute scripting that deploy builds to some platform service, like AWS.
However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to execute scripts when a PR is merged/closed. It would be incredibly useful if CircleCI could expose that (and perhaps other) webhook(s), and allow for, scripting to run after a PR branch has been closed/merged, for example to clean up a temporary deploy to a platform, such as AWS.
By way of example of the feature set I’m describing, here’s a link to Heroku’s Review Apps feature. Certainly it’s true that Heroku has a different business domain, where they are a fully fledged platform, however the feature hinges on GitHub API, for which there could be many pipeline related use cases, making it more relevant to CircleCI.
To better illustrate the virtues of the use case I am eager to solve, temporary PR deploys are valuable in order to manually confirm PR change-sets, especially where QA of frontend applications is concerned: “Does this style change work responsively?” “How does it affect “x” feature, under “y” circumstances?”
One peripheral aspect of this would be messaging a status back to the PR, with a link to the deploy. I can appreciate that the latitudes for this are something that would represent another feature enhancement to the CircleCI API, of a similar magnitude.
Realted feature requests, both about exposing GitHub webhooks / custom status messages generally, and about merge actions specifically are pretty numerouse accross the CircleCI Discuss forum. I think there’s also an argument to be made to enrich integrations with services (klike AWS and GitHub) that represent a dominant market share in their respective domains. This all amounts to a compelling argument that there is demand for this feature-set, and that it relates to a multitude of use cases. Hope you’ll consider it!
Many thanks for your continued committment to the community, and for the really awesome product!